Grosvenor Associates - Tender evaluations

Grosvenor Associates - Tender evaluations

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Sheringdale Primary School

Tender Awarded to AiP for Sheringdale school

Competitive tender or re-tender support services

  • Tender management - P.Q.Q, specification and requirements documents, invitations to tender, evaluation - contractor short-listing
  • Competitive tender evaluation and management
  • Advice and support for outsourcing contract catering services
  • Contract monitoring services - contract performance evaluations

We can help you negotiate with a contractor, produce a specification to form the basis of a re-tender process for a new catering contract or provide an improvement plan to get you back on track.

Here's what a previous client had to say -

"I liked working with Grosvenor Associates. They were direct and straight talking - I always knew where I was with them."
University Caterer, England

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We offer free catering advice without obligation for your first appointment. Our service is strictly confidential and completely independent so you have nothing to lose. Give us a call on 07885 217077 or email us at today.